Thursday, September 20, 2012

LIFESTYLE || First day of school


Yesterday was my first day of school at the Open Studio in Amsterdam! For those who don't know this.. I've graduated my A-level education this July and didn't really know what to do after that. For a long time whenever someone asked me what I wanted to do after highschool, I responded with 'Something creative! Or psychology'. Well, that 'something creative' won after all. For a few years I've been very interested in Film. Making film and watching films. When I was about 14 years old I started to edit films myself: making fanmade trailers, making compilations of other films, etc. You can find these videos on my YouTube Channel, which you can find here. If you're interested, feel more then welcome to take a look. I've always liked editing but I didn't really know just how much I liked it. The last few years I've been very stressed and doubtful about what I wanted to do. Was it going to be psychology at the University? Would it give me enough freedom to be creative? Or could I enter a creative education? Would I be good enough to get in there? Would I be creative enough to study there? Was any of that really what I wanted? On top of that I was stressed out about even passing my exams. Happily enough, I did.


I decided, that I would just enter myself for the admission test of the Film Academy in Amsterdam. This school is highly recommended and educates Film making. They have a very high standerd so it's hard to get in. I entered for the editing compartment. At the film academy you have to chose your business right away, you can't say, hey I entered in editing but I like directing better, so I'll switch. In that case you have to try out again the year after, but then for the other compartment. Of all students who entered this year, 120 entered for editing just like me. I had to send in a portfolio and a lot of paperwork on my passions, my experience and my work. Based on that I was invited to the school for an interview, one of the lucky 20. By that time 100 students got denied so I was already proud of myself. So I went to the interview, which went pretty well, and got a letter two weeks later. The teachers who'd interviewed me said that they thought I was creative, had a talent and definetely potential. But, at the same time, they said that I didn't have enough experience and that I hadn't grown enough in my capasity to get in. They also mentioned that I was a bit 'too young'. So unfortunately, no creative education for me. BUT. Because I did have 'talent' they reccomanded me to take this year to gain more experience, and then, come back and try again. If they feel like I've grown enough, I might get in. So that's what I'm going to do.


This year, I'm taking classes at the 'Open Studio' also in Amsterdam. This is a private education where students can learn how to make films. I have classes on wednesday, thurseday and friday. Which gives me enough time left to work (monday, thuseday and saturday) because the education itself and traveling back and forth to Amsterdam is not cheap. At all. This year I'll learn how to use a camera, edit better, write scenario's, direct, act, make animation, use sound and light and a lot more. I can't wait. I've just had my seccond day and I really like it already. I am learning by doing. Every time we get a bit of theorie and then we get a camera and try it ourselves in small groups. I have a very small class, 8 boys and 5 girls, so I've already gotten to know everyone. Everytime I have to go somewhere I've never been to before, I get very nervous. But everything was fine! (acept for missing my subway.. and my train.. and then again my subway on the way back.. but hey, as a freshman they can't blame me). If you like making movies like me and you know something about camera's, this is the type we're using:

The Sony PD 170

Once I've made something pretty instead of my obviously beginner's shots. I'll place it right here on my blog.


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