Thursday, September 20, 2012

FASHION || Lovely outfits

When I'm looking around online, which is often, I always run into outfits which make me think.. oh my.. if only that were mine.. At that moment I always forget that I've got a big wardrobe at home as well, so that new clothing really isn't that nececary. But still, I always long for that one amazing pair of shoes, that lovely necklace or that perfect dress. My problem is, that I do have quite some nice clothing, but I don't really know how to make a good combo. I guess that's something that I still have to learn! I've got a few pictures here of some clothing I really like. So.. this is what I like!

*All pictures are from

black, black and whit, black lace, cute, dress - inspiring picture on Favim.comAdela and Tessie: The bigger heels, the betterUntitledNeither Have IFacebookThe Ceremony of Innocence
Sex,Drugs and Dubstep !Behind the Butterfly - Love this dress!le monde a la beauteUse or not?Pinnwand-FotosSuas obsessões seguem padrões.Korean fashion clothes - Era Fashion StyleTumblrAlways you're beautiful ♥Via VintageLife is beautifulLove You 'Till the EndFrom my stuff. |`*~JewelryIt's the little things in life by Ines PerkovicO problema é que todo mundo desiste muito fácil daquilo que mais vale a pena. picture on VisualizeUsTumblrf a s h i o n l o c k e r ♥Üzenőfalra feltöltött fényképekPRETTY GIRL.Always you're beautiful ♥Always you're beautiful ♥Always you're beautiful ♥Jenna FifiJenna JPEG, 400x416 pikseli)

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