Sunday, September 16, 2012


For a while now I've considered getting a tattoo.Not a big one, just a little one. Something that'll remind me everyday of the love and beauty in this world. But, I am not getting a tattoo until I am abolutely sure of what I want. I don't want to make the mistake of putting something on my body I will regret later. So I'm going to wait for a few more years.

Untill that time, I still enjoy looking at inspiration for a tattoo. I looked some up and I'm going to show them to you and tell you what I like.


The neck (or upper sholders as you may say) is in my opinion a very beautiful place to get a tattoo. I really like the idea of writing a text that is important to you on your body. A way to carry that thought with you.

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I really like tattoo's on the wrist as well. I'm not sure why. It just seems like a good place for a tattoo.
I like the idea of birds as a tattoo, though I don't think it's something I would do. I'd rather get something for love and beauty then for freedom (which, I consider flying birds to be conected with).


I find this tattoo very beautiful. It reminds me of the change of nature and the life that goes through it. Even though I like it, I don't think I'd get a tattoo this big. It takes up such a big part of your body.


Tattoo's like these are a masterpiece. I love how some people get an entire drawing on their body. I wouldn't get such a work of art on my own body though, it's too 'extreme' for my style.


I like feathers. I don't know why, but I do. I also like this place, behind the ear, for a tattoo.


There's something magic and pretty about dreamcatchers. I like the idea of getting one as a tattoo, but I wouldn't get such a big one if it were me. Again, too extreme, and it's hard too cover up for something like work.


Again, a text tattoo. I like this line 'La vita e bella' and I like the place of the tattoo, on the right sholder.


I love tattoo's with lyrics down someone's back. It's so beautiful, I especially like Victoris Beckham 's tattoo (the picture above) which starts in her neck and goed down her spine. I always find back kind of pretty, don't know why. So having a tattoo there makes quite some sence for me.


Another beautiful back tattoo.


This tattoo is pretty awesome. For those of you who haven't read Harry Potter, this is the Deathly Hallows sign. It's a symbol for the items which, together, make you the master of death. One will only master death if he does not fear death. Although I wouldn't get this tattoo myself, I love this symbol and it's meaning. Being a big Harry Potter fan myself, I think this is  pretty cool.


A little heart is something I'd like to have on my body. Especially on my wrist, but again, I'm going to wait until I'm sure. Some people take tattoo's like this together, an idea I really like as well.


The infinity sign, something I like as well. I like the symbol, but not enough to get a tattoo from it on my body.


What I really like about this tattoo is the way the imag is formed by little shapes and dots. I wouldn't get the symbol of luck myself, and I would rather get a black tattoo, but I like the sight of this image.


Little wings on your back, something I really like as well. It gives a sense of freedom, like a bird, and well I just think it's pretty as well. I would rather get smaller wings though.


The fingers are a place a tattoo looks well in my opinion as well. Especially for a small sign or a word, like here, Love. I really like it.

Who knows if I'll ever get one, I've got the rest of my life to figure out what I want.
Would you get a tattoo?

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