Sunday, September 9, 2012

EVENT | Appelpop

This weekend I went to Appelpop! Appelpop is a free festival in Tiel, the Netherlands. It has become one of the largest and most popular festivals of the Netherlands. Recent editions of the two day festival were visited by over 150.000 people. And it's still growing! I've been to Appelpop for the last couple of years but yesterday it was more crowded then I've ever seen it. At the time of the final performance, I almost didn't fit in the partytent anymore, (which fits like 30.000 people). I really liked most of the performances this year. Not everything is my piece of cake but that doesn't matter because there are always more performances going on at two or three stages (there are three stages) so there's always something to listen to. Or if not, you can just enjoy the lovely city Tiel, which is a very small town but quite cozy to go out to eat or have a drink. One of the things I love most of this festival is that you see all types of people. Young, old, 'popular, alternative, friends, families.. the great thing about that is that there's no judgement. I don't remember ever seeing people get into a fight, or being hostile to each other here. It's a great atmosphere where everyone eats, drinks, listens and sings together. I love it. 

If you want to know more, visit the website:

These are my favorite bands who played this year

Chef Special

This lovely band of 5 players makes cheerfull music which is kind of a mix of funk, rap, reggae and pop. They have a very own style, but still make very different songs. I fell in love with them right away. There were amazing playing life, seriously even better then on the record. 


Racoon is one of the biggest bands in the dutch music industry. They make absolutely stunning songs and playing live they were just.. amazing. They were playing on the big stage, me and my boyfriend pretty far up front, and the whole crowd was just singing along. Loved it. Such a wonderful band. 

Selah Sue

Selah Sue is quite a 'new' artist. She had one big hit in the Netherlands and since then has been growing in popularity. I personally really like her unique voice and way of singing.

This is the complete list of all the artists who performed this year:

Anneke van Giersbergen
Autmoatic Sam
Bombay Show Pig
Chef' Special
De Jeugd van Tegenwoordig
Gers Pardoel
Guus Meeuwis
De Heideroosjes
Ilse de Lange
Karma to Burn
Kill it Kid
Miss Montreal
Next Best Band (diverse bands)
Rilan & the Bombardeers
School is Cool
Selah Sue
The Jacks
Wallice Vanborn
Why We Fight
Will & The People
Wish to be a Star
Within Temptation

Do you live near Holland, I reccomand you visit Appelpop sometime!

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