Friday, September 28, 2012

LIFESTYLE || Happy birthday boyfriend!


Last week it was my boyfriend's birthday! My man finally turned 18 (yes, he's a bit younger then me). So besides a wonderfull happy-birthday party and cake, there have to be some presents! I know that a lot of girls find it hard to come up with a birtday present for a man, especially when your budget isn't that high. So, for you, I'm going to talk about the presents I've given my boyfriend so far!

Home made:

Little coupon book
Last valentines day I made a little book of coupons. Unfortunately I can't find it anymore so I don't have a picture to show you what it looked like, but I remember that it were about seven coupons. One for a home-made dinner, one for a 100 free kisses, one for a massage, one for home-made brownies, one for sleeping with 'the good pillow' of my bed (there's one good pillow and one bad one, he always steals th good one), one for opening a little present I gave as well, and one for breakfast in bed. I also considered adding 'permission to tickle me' but I realised that it would become a living hell (I CAN'
T stand tickling) so I changed my mind.

Lovely list
The valentines day before that I made a list of a 100 reasons why I like my boyfriend. Tip: start on time. It sounds easy, but when you've reached reason numeber 82.. it's hard to come up with the rest.

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Home made dinner
Try making your man a delicious dinner at home. Some food, candlelight, whine (or beer) and desert, really make it a special night.

A book filled with love
For our two year anniversary I filled a book from paperblanks (look it up, beautiful papers). I filled it with quotes, pictures and images that reminded me of us. I wrote a lot of memories, inside jokes, and a lot more. If it gets requested, I'll make a special post on that little book and what's in it. Well, he really liked it.


Low budget:

Dinner for two
A night at a restaurant really doesn't have to cost a lot. You can often find great deals online. A great website to visit is You enter your city and get a great deal every day. It often includes dinner for two for a great price. It's really nice to check it out sometime.

When we where together for one year, I bought him tickets to a concert of Pete Philly. Concert tickets aren't really that expensive! Well, ofcourse it depends who you want to see, but for the less famous yet great artists, you don't have to pay that much. You can find tickets for no more then 10 euro's a piece.


Higher budget:

A day to a themepark
For his 16th birthday I got him tickets to Walibi, a theme park in Holland. Theme parks are so much fun! Nomatter what age. We had a fun day out, totally worth it :)

A watch
Last birthday I bought a watch for him. Fancy watches really don't have to be that expensive. I got a beautiful silver one at the Lucardi, for a good price. He really loves it and wears it every day :) Ofcourse, you've got watched priced for more then 1,000 euros, but still, for a much, much, much much much, lower budget, you can really get something beautiful as well.

This year, for his 18th bithday, I got him new headphones, something he wanted. Plus a dinner at a tapas restaurant.


What have you given your boyfriend or girlfriend for his or her birthday?

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  1. Cutie.. :)
    All the things she gave me were excellent! So if you are in need of gift ideas, don't hesitate to use one of the above because I'm damn sure he'll like it.