Tuesday, August 28, 2012

ART|| Amazing anonymous work #2

Just some beautiful art I had to share.. Not made by me *if only that were the case*


RANDOM|| 10 reasons to love Dr. House

Just something random I found online and wanted to share.
If you love House you'll love this.
If you don't love House.. well yeah then you'll probably still like this.

MOVIES || Adding to my collection..

A few days ago I went to a media store and bought a 'few' dvd's. Off I went, just done with 8 hours of work, thinking how nice it would be to get a new movie. So there I was, in the store, just after getting my paycheck and looking at all these movies. First I started of with choosing just one. Great. But then again.. that one was really good as well. Alright two then. And then all of the sudden, I realised there were too many good movies and choosing only one or two would not be an option. So I to started walking around in this huge story taking movies everywhere. Shoving them in my little shopping cart untill I had one big pile of epic films. When I was done ofcourse I realised I wouldn't buy the 20 movies I'd selected. So I put back two of them.. and bought the rest.. People at the checkout actually started laughing at me but hey, I've got my movies! I'm happy!

Thursday, August 16, 2012



Hello all,

I'm changing my blog from dutch to english. So don't look up weird if you're reading a blog and all of the sudden it's a different langage! I'm rewriting everything so it's taking quite a lot of time ;)

Read again in a while, and it'll all be one whole again :)


FASHION || New Season


Everywhere I look whilst shopping, new clothes have arrived at the stores. I really like the new season's clothing, but unfortunately I can't buy everything I want. *if only*. Take a look at my new favorites. All of these clothes are from the dutch online shops so I'm not sure if all of these clothes will be in stored around the world. All prices are in Euros. What do you think?

Sunday, August 12, 2012

RANDOM || Naked invisible man

I went to Amsterdam today to have dinner with some friends after a day at the beach. Oh how I love the summer.. On our way out of the station there were several people dressed up and taking pictures with people , like you often see in the center of Amsterdam. This time I thought someone came up with an awesome idea that I wanted to share.  Epicness:

People actually gave a lot of money for it. Creativity wins.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

ART || Drawing #1

Sometimes I feel like drawing something. Just making something nice, not taking too long. A lot of times I'm too impatient to start a large drawing. Once I'm working on a drawing I work quite fast but to start that takes me ages.  Therefore, scatching like this is something I like. I especially like to draw eyes, there's something about drawing eyes.. putting life to a simple scetch. These are some pictures of what I just made:

TIP || Where to get it?!

In case you've never heard of 'weheartit'.. www.weheartit.com is a website where people post the most beautiful, funny, awesome pictures. Once you're a member, a little heart will apear on your screen. Click it and every picture on the website you're visiting can be 'hearted'. Once you do this, that picture will apear on weheartit.com. Because of this, every few secconds new pictures arive.

If you're a fan, like me, than I'm sure you get frustrated, like me, when uou see the most beautiful jewlery, outfits, shoes, etc, and you don't know where to get it. Unfortunataly it's not an online shop.. if only.. To solve this problem, I've found a great website: