Sunday, July 29, 2012

LIFESTYLE || Television for the rainy days

If you're a lucky basterd like me living in Holland where it rains 95% of the time, I'm sure you'll get bored sometimes. And even if you live somewhere sunny, I'm sure you'll get bored sometimes as well. What I love to do when I'm bored (or just when I feel like it) is to watch some tv-shows. I love tv-shows. They're exiting and addictive, if you know which ones to watch. Two great websites to visit are: and (especially the last one). You can watch complete episodes for free!

In case you need some inspiration, these are some great tv-shows:

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

HAIR || Pretty Bun


Another tutorial for a very nice hairstyle. Once I've discovered how my own camera works, I'll record a hair tutorial of my own :)

Monday, July 16, 2012

FOOD || Mexican casserole

I've tried a new recipe and it tasted good! I'd never heard of this but when I saw the recipe on another blog called (a website where another dutch blogger posts her dinners) I couldn't wait too try it. I was already happy when I read 'nacho's' but when I saw 'chili' and 'creme fraiche' I loved it. 

LIFESTYLE || New Camera

Hurray! A new camera! I bought my previous camera about two years ago at a big sale at the MediaMarkt. It cost me around 120 euros. Then one day, it suddently decided not to do anything at all anymore.. not such a hurray. When I went to the store and asked how much a reperation would cost me, they told me.. around 120 euros. Didn't seem like a great plan to me.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

HAIR || Upside Down French Braid Bun

Another tutorial for another hairstyle, this time for an Upside Down French Braid Bun. The tutorial that I've posted looks a little different then the picture, it's made with a 'donut knot'. There are other tutorials that show how to make it with a regular knot but in my opinion they weren't as clear, so I decided to share this one.


Wednesday, July 4, 2012

LIFESTYLE || Into The Wild

If you haven't seen this movie yet.. get up and go get it right now! What a beautifull story.. You're tough if you can watch this without shedding a single tear. Into The Wild is about a young man, Christopher McCandles, who wants to see the world and live in the wild. You follow his amazing journey , which he actually made because it's based on a true story. Besides a great actor you'll see beautiful footage of our wonderful world. Must see!

HAIR || Picture tutorials

Online I often find tutorials that show the steps you have to make to get a certain hairdo. Normally I don't really like that kind of tutorials because I often don't get how to get from step three to step four.. But, still I really liked these ones, so I wanted to share them with you!



Tassen, tassen, tassen, girls often can't get enough of them. Here's a collection of bage I really really like <3 

Perfect combination for all women!UntitledLUCABABE(Obrazek JPEG, 400x416 pikseli)nany-photography(2) Tumblr

HAIR || Waterfall braid

I'm sure you'll know this feeling.. you're looking at a certain hairstyle on a photo or in a movie and you want to do the same.. but how? What I do when this happends is that I get up to and look around trying to find something that looks the same. That's not always easy though.. That's why I'll be posting video's on how to do a certain hairstyle I like, but don't know how to do. I hop you'll like it!


Tuesday, July 3, 2012

FASHION || Gorgeous jewlery

Oh so pretty!! Some beautiful jewlery I wanted to share with you.

☮All That She WantsTwitter / @jamiepuntcom: :o | TumblrYOU LOOK NICE TODAY!just another toy story.

LIFESTYLE || You are beautiful

Have you ever heard of Dove? Dove is a brand that makes showercreams, soaps, etc. Often for sensitive skin. Dove also makes catchy commercials about beauty and selfesteem. Because of those picture perfect people, we often feel like we should be thin and without imperfection, like we wouldn't be pretty otherwise. 20 years ago models weighed only 8% less then the average woman. Today that percentage is at 23%! No wonder that a lot of beautiful girl's have become to think they are 'fat'.

Dove has made a video on how people's idea of beauty has been influenced. Take a look:

Everyday you see that a lot of girls (and boys) have troubles seeing beauty in themselves. I think that those perfect pictures have a lot of influance there. We just have to remember that imperfections can make you beautiful as well, it's those things that make you who you are, that keep you from being someone else. So just remember that you are pretty, that you don't have to be perfect and just be you!

FOOD || Syropwaffles with banana, icecream, strawberries and whipped cream

I made the BEST desert the other day. I came up with it myself when I was hungry, therefore it's easy, simple, and full of calories.

This is what you'll need:
 - 2 or 3 syropwaffles per person (very common in the Netherlands, not sure if they're available elsewhere)
- Banana
- Cinnamon
- Vanila ice cream
- Cinnamon ice cream
- Strawberries

This is what you do

ART || Amazing anonymous work #1

Just some beautiful art I had to share.. Not made by me *if only that were the case*










FASHION || High Heels

Shoes! Who doens't love them? I think almost every girl does. I am that type of person who absolutely loves high heels, but isn't able to walk properly on them and doesn't wear them that often for that reason.. such a shame. So here you see, good resolution number 10.000: learn how to wear high heels!

I seem to find pictures of gorgeous high heels everywhere, so here you'll see, such pretty shoes <3

UntitledGorgeous pumpsInfinity ∞Adela and Tessie: The bigger heels, the betterNeither Have ILuxury and company

FOOD || Carpaccio salad with beef

Today I decided to do some cooking! Well.. it's not even worth being called 'cooking'. I didn't have a lot of time so I made a fast, simple and (oh yes) fanciful dish! Carpaccio with beef. It's very delicious (in my opinion). And it takes no more then 5 minutes.

This is what you need:
- About 100 grams of beef, sliced very thin
- Green pesto
- Rocket salade
- Pine nuts
- 2 or 3 tomatoes

BOOK || The Hunger Games

En ik heb weer een boek uit. Ja ja, het ging snel deze keer, ik heb er welgeteld 3 dagen over gedaan. Wat voor mij erg snel is, want ik ben een heeeeele langzame lezer! Het boek dat ik heb gelezen heet 'The Hunger Games', of in het nederlands 'De Hongerspelen' maar ik lees altijd liever in het Engels. Dit boek is echt geweldig. De meeste van jullie kennen het waarschijnlijk al aangezien er afgelopen jaar een film over is gemaakt, die erg populair is geworden. Maar voor degenen die het verhaal niet kennen.. Het gaat over een 16-jarig meisje genaamd Katniss die gedwongen wordt met een andere jongen van District 12 mee te doen aan de jaarlijkse hongerspelen. Van elk district worden 2 spelers gekozen, een jongen en een meisje. Deze 24 spelers moeten strijden tot hun dood, en de laatste overlevende wint.

'Winning will make you famous
Losing means certain death'