Saturday, August 4, 2012

TIP || Where to get it?!

In case you've never heard of 'weheartit'.. is a website where people post the most beautiful, funny, awesome pictures. Once you're a member, a little heart will apear on your screen. Click it and every picture on the website you're visiting can be 'hearted'. Once you do this, that picture will apear on Because of this, every few secconds new pictures arive.

If you're a fan, like me, than I'm sure you get frustrated, like me, when uou see the most beautiful jewlery, outfits, shoes, etc, and you don't know where to get it. Unfortunataly it's not an online shop.. if only.. To solve this problem, I've found a great website:

On this website people post pictures (which I believe are mostly taken from weheartit)  and others can help finding whatever is in the picture by putting links online to online shops where lookalikes are sold.
It's great when you see something you like but you have no clue wherever they would sell it. Here's an example:

I want I want! It's a 'snitch' necklace! Fans of Harry Potter (like me.. yes, I'm a nerd) will know what it means. Awesome right, but where to get it? The great thing is that people who know this have posted links to lookalikes on sites like or ebay, starting at 7 Dollers.

I really love this website and I hope I've helped you by sharing!

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