Tuesday, August 28, 2012

MOVIES || Adding to my collection..

A few days ago I went to a media store and bought a 'few' dvd's. Off I went, just done with 8 hours of work, thinking how nice it would be to get a new movie. So there I was, in the store, just after getting my paycheck and looking at all these movies. First I started of with choosing just one. Great. But then again.. that one was really good as well. Alright two then. And then all of the sudden, I realised there were too many good movies and choosing only one or two would not be an option. So I to started walking around in this huge story taking movies everywhere. Shoving them in my little shopping cart untill I had one big pile of epic films. When I was done ofcourse I realised I wouldn't buy the 20 movies I'd selected. So I put back two of them.. and bought the rest.. People at the checkout actually started laughing at me but hey, I've got my movies! I'm happy!

So here's list of the movies I bought; some I've already seen, others will be a complete surprise.

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