Saturday, August 4, 2012

ART || Drawing #1

Sometimes I feel like drawing something. Just making something nice, not taking too long. A lot of times I'm too impatient to start a large drawing. Once I'm working on a drawing I work quite fast but to start that takes me ages.  Therefore, scatching like this is something I like. I especially like to draw eyes, there's something about drawing eyes.. putting life to a simple scetch. These are some pictures of what I just made:

Today I decided to keep drawing. So I took my scetch of the eye and draw a face for it. I'm not too happy about the final result. I think the nose is too long and the hair got a bit weird, making the neck look too long as well. I am happy about the lips though, because I alway fair to draw a normal set of lips. Mission impossible. Anyways, I hopy that you'll like it.

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