Monday, July 16, 2012

FOOD || Mexican casserole

I've tried a new recipe and it tasted good! I'd never heard of this but when I saw the recipe on another blog called (a website where another dutch blogger posts her dinners) I couldn't wait too try it. I was already happy when I read 'nacho's' but when I saw 'chili' and 'creme fraiche' I loved it. 

The recipe:

You need:
- minced meat
- chili seasoning
- paprika
- onion
- kidney beans
- corn
- nacho-chips
- creme fraise
- avocado

You bake the minced meat and add the onion, paprika, kidney beans and corn. Ass the seasoning and let it simmer. You take a baking dish and start with a layer of nacho-chips. Then you add the minced-meat stove and then the creme fraise. After that you start again, another layer of nacho chips, another layer of meat, and so on. End with a layer of chips and sprinkle some cheese on top. Put it in the oven for about 15 minutes. Once you serve it, sprinkle it with cubes of avocado.
It's really easy and it tastes really good! You should try it sometime :)

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