Tuesday, July 3, 2012

LIFESTYLE || You are beautiful

Have you ever heard of Dove? Dove is a brand that makes showercreams, soaps, etc. Often for sensitive skin. Dove also makes catchy commercials about beauty and selfesteem. Because of those picture perfect people, we often feel like we should be thin and without imperfection, like we wouldn't be pretty otherwise. 20 years ago models weighed only 8% less then the average woman. Today that percentage is at 23%! No wonder that a lot of beautiful girl's have become to think they are 'fat'.

Dove has made a video on how people's idea of beauty has been influenced. Take a look:

Everyday you see that a lot of girls (and boys) have troubles seeing beauty in themselves. I think that those perfect pictures have a lot of influance there. We just have to remember that imperfections can make you beautiful as well, it's those things that make you who you are, that keep you from being someone else. So just remember that you are pretty, that you don't have to be perfect and just be you!

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