Sunday, June 24, 2012

ART || My Youtube Channel

One of my hobbies is editing. This is something I can really lose myself in, once I've started I can keep doing it for hours without noticing. I edit pieces of movies to short video's to show a character, an emotion, or just the beauty of a scene. Sometimes I change the course of the story or use poems or lyrics to make my point. From now on I'll be posting new video's on this blog. So for I've made about 30 video's, if you want to see them you'll find them on my channel:

Below I've posted a couple of my video's, enjoy :)

Black Swan // In Silence                                                     

Avatar // Fanmade Trailer

Voldemort // Oh Death                                                        

Memoirs of a Geisha // Sacrafice
Wall-E // You just know                                                       

New Moon // I smile and whisper

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